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Walmart India is a financial terrorist that creates suffering through Slavery, Bribery, Data manipulation and predatory pricing.

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Walmart’s Sweatshop Devours 500 in Bangladesh

Walmart is nothing more than an economic weapon that has been used to destroy people all over the world. Developing an intricate trap, where the common man transforms into a complete slave. The government, and the laws are used against the people of the country as such corporations uses their lobbying tactics to manipulate the laws of the land, and transform the country into a free-market economy.

Victimization through Free-market

A free-market gives the ones with political, financial and legal power to suppress all competition to create a monopoly in an economic system. Hence, the people are crushed further in a slave system which constantly takes lives of the common man.

Bangladesh is the perfect example, where the people are the cheapest labour on earth. With no basic amenities, and living far below the poverty line, the people have no choice to remain within the trap that has been created for them.

They have been burning in the sweatshops for over a decade, Walmart and the lot get away with their crimes because they can easily use the main stream media against the people itself. They write off their crimes by putting the blame on the contractors, factory owners and the government who were all manipulated by Walmart to begin with.

Walmart’s old blame game works –

– Blame the contractor

– Blame the government

– Fake investigations

– Fake Press information release

– Controlled Activists

– Controlled Media

Majority of the opposition have been set up by the corporations themselves so that the normal people never try to fight back on their own. They can manipulate the facts using linguistic weaponry, and confusing the readers by creating ambiguity using manipulative forms of writing.

Media is one of the main weapons which keeps the people in the state of discussion, as Walmart pretenses to create fake investigations to make people believe that there are people going through the system to ensure safety of the people, when there is nothing going on.

It becomes a never ending loop, where the true criminal gets away with their crime easily. Those who have been victimized, have no one-left to turn to, end up in the same hole they were trying to escape. Inevitably, waiting for their deaths, in another accident just waiting to happen.

In a way, death becomes their final escape, but the ones responsible for the crime get away with cold-hearted murder, all in the name for profits..

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Deaths April 2013

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Deaths April 2013

Tommy Wade

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