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Walmart India is a financial terrorist that creates suffering through Slavery, Bribery, Data manipulation and predatory pricing.

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Walmart Profiteers Over SweatShop Slave Genocide

Bangladesh has seen the worst in the past decade, as the people of the country have been engineered to be the cheapest labor on the planet. As China has been hit with “debt based inflation” installed by the zionist banking after the British East India company left its dark roots to control the country by remote control.

Most liaison between China and the world originates from UK which is again controlled by Zionists that took over Britain under the Norman invasion of Europe. There is no doubt they never belonged in Europe, they took over with lies and absolute deception.

This is the same trick they have used for generations to manipulate the masses, and get away with the scams.

As the death toll in Walmart Bangladesh’s Sweatshop in Saver, near Dhaka, rises over 1000 in the month of April 2013, there is another Sweatshop fire again on 8th May 2013

They can easily manipulate the government, the laws, the officials, the media and every thing in between to suppress the people.

There is no end to their evil..

They use “controlled opposition” in the form of fake activists, When you start thinking that someone is fighting for you, then you will never fight back yourself. That is the amazing trick played by these corporations, and the common man never has the time or the money to fight for the world.

When you have a massive corporation, with billions of dollars, with political connections, high-powered lawyers, then you have no chance.


You will never win the battle if you never even step up on to the field, you have to give it your best shot.

When so many people are literally burning in these Sweatshops, Do you actually think that your future generations will not suffer the same fate?

Of-course, the corporations WILL turn on you, when they are finished with the most poor countries.

The longer the people remain docile, and never fight back, the true criminals win.

And it is happening, right in-front of your faces, as the predators are taking control of every aspect of your lives.

How long are you going to sit back, and watch — when corporations like Walmart are burning people alive?

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop fire ( may 8th 2013 )

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop fire ( may 8th 2013 )

Tommy Wade

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