Walmart India

Walmart India is a financial terrorist that creates suffering through Slavery, Bribery, Data manipulation and predatory pricing.

Facebook Page and Groups

Facebook page:

India Against Corporatocracy

The mushrooming corporations that did not originate in the country have invaded to completely ruin the people of the country by predatory pricing which opens the doors to products made in China. Communism was specifically installed in the country of China so that the common people can be controlled to be used as cattle. If we look at their country, then everything is being controlled by the state, and all forms of spiritual knowledge has been suppressed to keep the people as slaves. Whoever controls the top man of the state, controls the people. The Zealots have plotted to convert that country into a workhouse, and feed off the lives of the people for generations to come. The common people have no other place to go but remain within the trap that has been created for them by the monsters of infinite greed. This system has being used all over the planet, and the people are becoming more impoverished every single day.

Facebook Groups

1) No Walmart in India

This group is against the forced invasion of Global corporations  that intend to destroy the lives of the common people using every means at their disposal so the small businesses will be instantly crushed with predatory pricing. They will directly bring in goods from china which has been enslaved with Communism which was created and installed by the cult of Zealots who’s demonic ideology of world domination is coming to fruition. Their whole cult has conspired to destroy the people of the world for their personal greed, and now they are talking the war at a whole new level under the guise of these evil corporations.  They use every means at their disposal to suppress any allegations against them, and their manipulate the information flowing in the world so their corruption continues till  the end of time.

2) No Bharti Walmart in India

The people of the country of India are waking up to the manipulation that they have suffered for generations, and now they have realized that the war has been taken to a whole new level. They have been enslaved through the “Debt Based Economy” that was installed by the cult of “Zealots” through the British East India company who have been conspiring to destroy the people with  the corporations they now control. They are coercively warping the system so they can freely move within the country flooding Chinese goods so they can make quick profits for years to come. These evil monsters will never stop until they are completely crushed from the core because they do not know how to create any thing good in their lives. They train their children from their childhood to be manipulative so that they can continue in their foot steps for years to come.

3) Indians Hate Walmart

People of this country are coming together to fight back the evil that intends to destroy their future through the corporations that are coming in to destroy small businesses, and generate quick profits for themselves. This is being done all over the planet, and people are going to be impoverished to a whole new level. The evil cult of zealots have conspired to destroy humanity for their personal greed, which is why they have to be destroyed completely so the world has a future to look forward to for themselves.  This evil cult of zealots have been eating away at the world for generations, and they cannot be allowed to exist any longer.

4)  I hate Walmart With A Passion

This is a group of passionate people who have the will to fight the unjust things happening around the world, and within their country. The corporations have set up controlled opposition against themselves so that the people can be fooled into thinking that there is someone fighting for them against these evil corporations. This has been their ultimate technique that they have been using for generations, and they have succeeded in their onslaught against the masses for generations. They use psychological warfare to control the mindset of the people, and suppress any opposition that may come up against them.

5)  Wake up India

People of India are making an effort to wake up from the veil of ignorance that has blinded them for generations, and now they have realized that their lives are going to be destroyed if they do not stand up for themselves. It is imperative that they wake up as fast as possible before everything around them is completely taken over by the forces of “Zealot”.  They are the monsters that have warred against the world for generations, and now they are taking the war to a whole new economic terrorism to make quick profits. They have kept the world in the cloud of darkness for generations which gave them the power to manipulate the masses for generations, but now the tides are going to turn. The zealots will be destroyed the day every one discovers the putrid mind that has been building an intricate trap for them.


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