Walmart India

Walmart India is a financial terrorist that creates suffering through Slavery, Bribery, Data manipulation and predatory pricing.

Walmart Feeds on Global Culture of Corruption

The only reason that a corrupt Corporation such as Walmart has been able to thrive in the world is because the monsters that control the organization from the backdrop, prefer to feed off the corruption they spread all over the planet.

This has been a systematic attack on the world where the people have been cultured towards a mindset of corruption which was engineered by the zealots over the years. They has been destroying the world for their personal greed, and they have use psychological warfare to turn people on each other so they can make off with the loot when their prey were a bit too busy fighting each other.

This is a plot that the zealots have played all over the planet, and they have brought down great misery on the people without them realizing it. This is the ultimate form of attack where people remain in a state of ignorance, and the manipulator has a great time because their prey can never triangulate towards them.

This is the source of all evil that is connected to an intricate system of evil, which flowing through every system including the media. Yes, Media has been one of their most powerful weapon which is used to warp the perception of the people. They use complex words that is used to entrap people, which is built on a system of laws.

They zealots are completely aware of the system of laws, and this is the main reason they have their people as lawyers, and judges so that their victims are never able to get out of their trap. They make every effort to cloud the minds of the people, and those who resist are put out of commission as they control the whole system.

The money that they have generated from their system of evil is used to fight against the masses, and keep them suppressed till the end of time. They are so over zealots to keep their system of evil running that they create controlled opposition so suppress all attacks.

They create the illusion that there is someone fighting for the people, and this makes the masses docile. This way no one fights back and the people are manipulated till the end of time. They keep manipulating those who try to rise up by pretending to be their friends, and manipulate them towards dead ends so they never reach to their destination.

This is the reason that it is a near perfect con game, and the zealots keep on feeding off the lives of the people like human parasites. The onslaught of the zealots continues, and the world keeps burning for their black-hole of greed.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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