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Walmart India is a financial terrorist that creates suffering through Slavery, Bribery, Data manipulation and predatory pricing.

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Bharti Walmart manipulates Lobbying Panel India

Walmart has been planning for over a decade to let Indian economy grow to be harvested predatory pricing supported by China, and Bangladesh Sweatshops. This has been their trick of success that the zealots have been using all over the planet to make their billions over human suffering.

Sweatshops have been the main reason that evil corporations like Walmart has been thriving for so many years, and they have the political connections to keep their systems intact. They can use high powered lawyers to suppress the people, and any one standing up against them will have to face them in the court of law. To maintain a battle within the court of law you need to have the money to go up against them.

They know that a common man can never last against a rich evil corporation for a long time, and this can be seen in the Female discrimination class action law suit which elongated for 10 years. This was done as a form of psychological warfare to show the people that not only you will be wasting money, and time but you will never get any justice.

You cannot face a corporation that has all the power in the world directly, which they use to manipulate the masses for their tyrannical system of evil which only has one agenda, that is of profiteering.

They not only eliminate competition but the people have no way to fight back or no other choices left in the market to look for a different job. It is a magnificent trap out of which no one can ever get out from.

Human slavery is rampant in the world today, and it is done legally.

Walmart is the perfect example of legal human slavery, in which the slave has absolutely no way of getting justice in any possible manner because the zealots control the whole system out of which you can never get out from.

Once they target you economy for sustainable exploitation, the you can say good buy to the future that you may have had. Welcome the monstrosity that is going to destroy your future generations in an elaborate trap that you cannot even begin to comprehend.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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