Walmart India

Walmart India is a financial terrorist that creates suffering through Slavery, Bribery, Data manipulation and predatory pricing.

Bharti Walmart Rejected by Indians

Bharti Walmart India is an evil corporation funded by the evil zionist corporations run by the Rothschild family, and it is a well know fact that the EL Rothschild corporation is funding walmart in India. There are many other brand names that are attacking from all sides owned by zionist to entrap the economy that they have targeted, and not allow the common people to have any say in it because they are the victims to begin with.

Why would you let your victims speak out right?

They have used the political system which is nothing more than a puppet government that was aimed to keep the common man enslaved. This kind of system is being used all over the world which was systematically set up by the zionist so they can feed on the lives of the people till the end of time. They truly are an amazing force of infinite evil that continue their attack on the world for their personal gains. They constantly manipulate the minds of the masses to keep them under control, and they putrefy those sources of knowledge that could set them free.

The media is the primary source of manipulation which is used by the zionist to corrupt the mindset of the people, and they constantly spread their lies to suppress the people of the world. These monsters will never stop until their source is destroyed because this is the only thing that they are made for. They are the ultimate enemies of the world because they have been doing this for over 2500 years allover the world.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Tommy Wade

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