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Walmart India is a financial terrorist that creates suffering through Slavery, Bribery, Data manipulation and predatory pricing.

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Destroying humanity using 14 yr olds as labor

There is nothing more lowly when childhood is attacked to maintain profitability of huge corporations that have a massive ego that has to be constantly fed by the need to make quick profits. The corporate zealots use the deception of “joint venture” so make the common people think that there is some amount of control that their government have over the foreign corporations that intend to do business in the country.

However, it is far from the truth as Bharti Walmart India is expanding in the country even when they were not allowed within the country.  All the people in the world know that this evil corporation runs on sweatshops that are maintained in countries like Saipan, Bangladesh, China, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Nicaragua and many other places on earth.

Future is lost if childhood of young children is lost, and Corporate Zealots do not feel any remorse when children are burnt in their engine of Industrialization. They get away with their crimes as they control all the governments, and their officials using their deep pockets. They have no intentions of stopping which is why they must be eliminated permanently.

Bharti Walmart

Bharti Walmart

Tommy Wade

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