Walmart India

Walmart India is a financial terrorist that creates suffering through Slavery, Bribery, Data manipulation and predatory pricing.

Walmart terrorizes India using Debt Based Economy

Walmart India is doing its best to terrorize this country by every means necessary to sustain its demonic control over humanity. They are now using the old fashioned technique of the “DEBT BASED ECONOMY”, that was installed in this country by the “British East India Company”.

The people who own all the multinational brands that are trying to take over 100 % ownership in the Indian market are the same Evil monsters who owned the “British East India Company”. The whole Government system that we have today was built by these evil monsters which is why they can manipulate us so much at every point.

They will never allow us to achieve any thing in this world because these monsters want to rule the world, and wants us to be their slaves forever. That is not the end of the problem because they want to control every thing we eat, and wear as well because it is all money to them. They want to supply us every thing so that all the money in this world goes to them. The “Debt Based Economy” that has been installed in India since its so-called Independence, can be easy used to manipulate the people of the country.

Walmart India

Walmart India

Walmart India is built to manipulate, suppress, and destroy the lives of the common people instead of giving them some thing valuable in return. They are the ultimate example of the worst that humanity can produce, and they continue the escapade to corrupt every thing in their path without any regard of the human cost.

To these monsters, any one outside their cult is not human, and gives them the free pass to destroy their lives forever. The continuous onslaught towards humanity has proven the fact that they will never change, and they will keep using all the underhanded tactic they have concealed in their Black Book of Manipulation.


Walmart India

Walmart India

Walmart India is a part of the same cult that owns the federal banking system, and they have laid down their evil “Debt Based System”, which can even be found in United States of America. The success of this cult depends purely on lies, deception, backstabbing, controlling governments, controlling politicians, Bribing and any possible dirty trick that comes into your mind. They have used all the evil trick there are in the world to maintain their dark dominion over humanity. They have destroyed many lives, and they consider slavery to be a good thing as long as the people are serving them.

Walmart India

Walmart India will be stopped, and the dark manipulators behind the whole system of evil will be exposed. Their days are numbered, and the harder they try to stop the people – they will wake up faster to their manipulation, and their dark reign of evil will come to an end. It is best for them to stop before their time runs out completely.

Tommy Wade

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